Hi~ I am Li Zong-Jhan ,
a Photography MA and
Fine Art BFA holder
now pursuing careers in
visual branding



MA Photography Arts

with Distinction

University of Westminster, United Kingdom


BFA Fine Art

in Painting & Multimedia

Taipei National University of the Arts, Taiwan



MEP (work-in-progress)

CIS Design

Currently commissioned by MEP, a company specialises in voice recognition. I am crafting an icon that morphs between a logo and a recording button and the associated environments including name card, EDM, app interface among others.


The Pivot Point

3D Animating

Produced the animation with the complete 3D workflow independently accomplished within three months learning Reallusion 3D software. The project has been selected by the art open calls in the U.K.and France.


Body Boat

Serious & Playful

Participated in the group project along with other 9 collaborators, handcrafting a boat with support from an open-source blueprint and a boat-crafting professional. We completed the route with all the safety and mobility a legit boat has to offer.




Organised a filmmaking workshop and spearheaded my first film with 10 of the workshop trainees, winning the Gold Prize among other film-background competitors at LEXUS Short Film Taiwan.

I made this page using

p5.js Library

with understanding of

I sleep with

My acquaintance with 3D

Work & more


Video Post-production

Photo Editing

Graphic Design

UI Design

Chinese Calligraphy

Art Tutoring


Academic Interests

Aesthetics of Appropriation

Twins in Literature

Debates on Authenticity